™  is a  powerfully  BRANDED  " V I R T U A L   B U S I N E S S   F O U N D A T I O N  ™ " , that is destined to be a

"S T R A T E G I C   C L O U D   I N T E G R A T O R "

for a serious End User , that Targets  " Information Technology Optimization ™ " that is  being birthed by the Cloud Business  Services Sector.

Companies are racing to improve their R.O.I.  when it comes to their Information Technology  expenditures and are increasing their utilization

of Cloud Business Services to achieve this end.                                                                                                                                                                         

We see a new emerging Industry Group we have coined as  " Information  Technology  Optimization ™ "  that will be taking  an ever

increasing Market share of the now projected (  $ 3.6  TRILLION Global   I .T. Enterprise Spending  )                              

Possible End Users ,  that would  benefit from owning This LEGACY  STRATEGIC ASSET  as a Marketing Channel for this exploding

Market are :

Salesforce , NetSuite , Apple , Microsoft ,  Google , Twitter , Facebook , Groupon , Amazon , eBay ,  Yahoo , AOL , Ask Network , Glam Media ,

Turner Digital , Wikimedia Foundation , Viacom Digital , CBS Interactive , New York Times Digital , I B M and now,Oracle and SAP, Baidu ,

Soso , Sogou , Youdao , Ivc , Lask, new comers, Seagate, Cirrus ,,  EMC , Pivotal  ,  Skyera , Solid Fire , Pure Storage , WhipTail , Avere

Systems , Violin Memory ,  Nimble Storage , Coraid , Hitachi , Virident , VMware , Fusion-IO , Hewlett-Packard     Resource Nation ???

Berkshire Hathaway

Corporations increasingly, have been" kicking our tires " know that our Best In Class Business B R A N D, is the finest still available , rivaling and is

S U P E R I O R L Y   B R A N D E D !  We are actively talking with, the worlds top Digital Media and IT Services companies our name is for sale.  

Who will be the

S M A R T    B E N E F A C T O R  ?

W H O   W I L L   B E   T H E    S T R A T E G I C   G A M E   C H A N G E R  ?

It could also be a multi service, User Channel  H U B .  It is our belief as well as other collaborators in our group that will be a strong  


Our name and our brand , defines and promotes the  Cloud Business Services industries as well as LINKING MOBILE APPLICATIONS =

"  JUST     U S E  B I Z . com  !  ™ "

U S E  BI  Is a Business Address Paradigm, that could easily be branded for any Online Services Company .

Like I B M , We are  confident will be a Household Name, and  FUTURE  BUSINESS  LEADER.

(   1 0 %  of Cash Proceeds from Sale  Go to development of  / Self - Empowering, Water , Micro-Loan, Peace Initiative  )

Jeff Schneider / Contact Group    / Former Marketing Analyst - Rockefeller  I . B . E . C . Group

Gratefully ,  Jeff  Schneider    (CONTACT GROUP)    ( METAL  TIGER )                                                                                    

" Pound for Pound , a superior Web Address is the most Powerful form of Perpetual Advertising any company can Buy ™ " JAS

M A X I M U M   B R A N D A B I L I T Y   /     M I N I M U M   A D V E R T I S I N G           

Jeffrey A. Schneider


In physical real estate the saying is Location, Location, Location! In Virtual Real Estate you have the worlds best locations wrapped into one

"Virtual Business Foundation ™". This is because the Total sum of all the Worlds best locations is contained in the world wide web. With

Virtual Real Estate you are front and center and have access to the worlds highest traffic volume in all of recorded history. And unlike, Physical

Real Estate, Virtual Real Estates, EXPONENTIALLY, expanding Traffic Stream never stops EVER !

So in Virtual Real Estate the key is

Foundation,Foundation, Foundation !

So which would you rather own a prime physical real estate property with access to thousands of visits, or

a "Virtual Business Foundation ™". with access to 100s of BILLIONS of visits, whose visits in actuality continue on into infinity?   The world

wide web is the only Business Platform in the world where this phenomonon actually occurs.No where else can you find assets of this scope and

impact to compare with the virtues of Prime Virtual Real Estates unique competitive advantages. They are literally a prime real estate owners

Wet Dream.  

So now that we know the powerfull impact a Virtual Real Estate Business Foundation can have for any Business Owner. The next

question might be of all the TLD extensions, which extension should you build your "Virtual Business Foundation ™" on? In other words

which extension will give you the highest return on your investment ? The fact is, the only extension that recieves the worlds highest repeat

traffic volume in all of recorded history is the .COM extension. Because of this fact, the worlds largest Corporations have positioned themselves

with "Virtual Business Fondations ™" in the .COM Channel, because this is where the largest perpetual stream of traffic exists !

You wont find

it anywhere else.

Gratefully,  Jeff Schneider   (Contact  Group)   (Metal  Tiger)

The Strategic Importance of " Virtual Business Foundations " in Todays " New World Marketing Order/  THE KEY TO MASS--MARKETING

First off you may all be asking, what is a " Virtual Business Foundation " ? In reality a Virtual Business Foundation is none other than what is

commonly referred to as a Domain Name or URL. This new representation is much more representative of this awesome Marketing Tool.

Virtual Business Foundations are arguably any companies most powerful Marketing Tool. Actually they are the Key to unlock the awesome

power of Modern Day Marketing Channels of Distribution. Ever heard of GOOGLE.COM ?  This Marketing Powerhouse is a good example of a

well known Virtual Business Foundation, that Billions World Wide , use each day in their Business decision making.

The Strategic advantages derived from employing Virtual Business Foundations arguably position them as the most important known Key to

unlock the awsome Marketing Power of the World Wide Web.

So now that you all understand the powerful impact a Virtual Business Foundation can have for any Business Owner, what might be your next

move as a small or large Business Owner ? Our collective advice would be to join the other Billion and a half Business Owners who have already

figured out this " Holy Grail " or Key to the most efficient Marketing Machine in recorded history. The Business Platform has been perfected,

you may just want to take advantage of it.

So now that we know the powerful impact that Virtual Business Foundations have had for many established Business Owners. The next question

might be? , of all the TLD extensions, which extension should I build my Virtual Business Foundation on ? In other words which extension will

give me the most potential R.O.I. or return on my Investment ? The fact is the only extension that recieves the Worlds highest repeat Traffic

volumes in all of recorded history  is the .COM extension. This is, in part, due to the fact that .COM in itself is the Worlds most recognizable

BRAND. As a .COM brand holder you have an exclusive membership to be front and Center to the " Top Tier Traffic Streams " it exclusively


Because of these Facts, the Worlds Largest Corporations have positioned themselves with " Virtual Business Foundations in the .COM Channel,

Stream of Traffic. This is where the largest Perpetual Channeled Stream of Traffic exists. You won't find it anywhere else.

" Pound for Pound a superior Web Address is the most Powerful form of Perpetual Advertising any company can Buy ™ " jas

M A X I M U M   B R A N D A B I L I T Y   ,   M I N I M U M   A D V E R T I S I N G

Gratefully,  Jeff Schneider  (Contact Group)  (Metal Tiger)  


"   : / /  USE BIZ .com   , The SMART Search Alternative ™ "

" IT  PAYS  TO  ://  USE BIZ . com  ™ "

"  USE , The Directory Of  Directories  ™ "

"   Information  You  Can TRUST  : //  USE   ™ "

" Our  Name  is Our  Brand = USE ™ "  

" U S E   B I Z  .com  ,  The Directory  of  Directories ™  "

"   For  Better  Search  : / /  USE BIZ . com   ™  "

" USE BIZ . com  Your  Link  To  Mobile  APPLICATIONS  ™ "                              

********************************   "   Proprietary  Dual  Level  Marketing  : / /  USE  ™  "   *****************************

" USE BIZ . com  Your  Mobile   Connection™ "

"  No  Spin  Just  Honest  Search   : / / USE BIZ .com   ™  "

" UseBiz . com  The  SMART  Choice  ™ "

"   : / /  USE BIZ .com   , Your  SMARTER   6  Letter Search Alternative ™ "

U S E  B I Z .com ™  , The Legacy User Channel Business Address for Web Based Information and advertising.

" USE, For Cloud Computing ™ "         "  For fast results U S E  B I Z .com ™ "

" USE, The Cloud Catalyst ™  "         " If its Business , USE ™ "

" USE ,The Multidimensional Search Channel ™ "

" USE BIZ . com  Your  Local  Locator  ™  "    

" USE BIZ . com  Your  Application Link To The Clouds  ™  "

"  U S E   B I Z  .com  ,   Your   CLOUD/APPS    H U B    ™ "

"  O U R   N A M E   I S  O U R    B R A N D  = USE B I Z . com ™  "

" U S E  B I Z .com ,  S E C U R E   C L O U D  S E R V I C E S  ™ "

"  U S E   B I Z  .com  ,   A P P C E S S I B I L I T Y   T O  T H E   C L O U D S   ™ "  


I Love You , I am Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You

" I am truly connected when I travel from self loathing to self loving ™ " / J A S

F O R   G L O B A L   M A R K E T   R E A C H

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   C O N T R O L   I T   N O W   cash + equity + JV,  You can be assured of succes with  Founders Total Committment and
Marketing Strategy
Guidance from Launch to Future Success.

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